Saturday, 12 October 2013

Tell Me ?

You think I do not care,
you think I am just another guy,
you think I am just interested in taking you to bed,
you think that I am just like any other guy,
who would lie and break your heart,
would just sleep with you and disappear next morning.
But look deep inside my heart,
look into my eyes and see what you mean to me,
your silence kills me,  
your tears drive me mad,
trust is the hardest part I know,
not a single days goes by when you are not on my mind,
or a moment when I long for you.
Keep me inside your heart as it is where I belong,
keep me hidden in your arms as it where I belong,
kiss my tears away when I cry,
hug me when I am down and say everything is all right,
I am tired of being strong,
I am tired of running,
I want to break down in your arms,
I want to sleep like a child in your arms,
hidden from the world,this where I feel I belong.
Tell me  would you love me this much ?
when I love you more than life,
tell me would you hold my hand ?
When I  walk down this path of life,
tell me would come to me when I call for you ?
as I would come when you call for me,
tell me would you forgive me ? 
when I hurt you by mistake,
as I would when you hurt me,
tell me would fight for me ? 
as I am fighting for you,
as you are the only thing I have in this world.

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